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Short Fill Liquids.

Short fill are 0mg e-liquids, with enough space in the bottle to add to add a nic shot and take the liquid from 0mg to 3mg nicotine strength.

Short fill E-liquids are an alternative to carrying around numerous 10ml bottles.

A Short Fill bottle will usually contains 0mg of a flavor, while leaving a gap to add a 10ml Nicotine Shot (Booster) to make it 3mg.

Example of different types of short fills available:

  • 60ml bottle containing 50ml of 0mg vape liquid. Add 1 x 18mg  flavourless nic-shot to achieve 60ml of 3mg juice.
  • 100ml bottle containing 80ml of 0mg vape liquid. Add 1.5 x 18mg flavourless nic-shot to achieve 100ml of 3mg juice.
  • 120ml bottle containing 100ml of 0mg vape liquid. Add 2 x 18mg flavourless nic-shot to achieve 120ml of 3mg juice.

Once a Nic shot(s) has been added, make sure the bottle is shaken vigorously to ensure mixture is mixed fully. 

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